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Public Online Auction Selling Janitorial Supplies, LED Lights & Vehicles has ENDED!

Sale Date: November 18th – 27th, 2022

Miscellaneous​ Listings- Blue Innovations Alberta Ltd janitorial supplies; New surplus LED lights

Lot NumberLot Description
12 shelves, in/out basket & hand sanitizer
22 grabbers
34 blue bins c/w stapler, bulbs, screws, nails, pins
4Assorted screws, clips, bulbs & faceplates
5Soap dispenser & 2 new paper towel dispensers
6Aprox 29 spray bottles
7Rubber gloves & work gloves
8Sponges & ground sheets
9Epiphone guitar & stand
103 step folding ladder
115ft aluminum ladder
125ft aluminum ladder
13Oak table
14Executive chair
15Steno chair *dog not included*
16Oak executive chair
17Hard hats, ear plugs, safety glasses, ear muffs, knee pads, rain gear- pants & jacket & 3 safety vests
18Assorted computer bags
19Scrubbers & Scouring pads
20Assorted extension cords
212- 3 drawer wood dressers
22Pail of ratchet straps & tie downs
23BestScent air freshener dispenser & blue pail
243 Master combination locks (no combinations) & 2 power outlets
255 amp battery charger, whisk, sprinkler, water sprayer & multiport water dispenser
26High back steno chair
274-drawer legal filing cabinet
28Toaster, electric kettle & Brita water jug
29Danby bar fridge
302 Honeywell heaters
312-drawer legal filing cabinet
32Table lamp & MasterChef microwave
332 new aluminum clipboards
348ft plastic folding table
35RS electric coin counter
36Wooden stands & 2 waste cans
37In/out trays
38Stihl gas weed eater c/w ear muffs & tools
39Garmin GPS & electronic key holder
40Floating 3ft shelf
41Roll of plastic
42Black plastic 4ft folding table
43Wood & plastic in/out trays, 8 boxes of binder clips
44Plastic cutlery, tray of astd metal cutlery, coffee mugs, plates & bowls, disposable coffee cups
452 plastic 4-shelf shelves, contents NOT included
469 LED pot light replacement bulbs
479 LED pot light replacement bulbs
489 LED pot light replacement bulbs
49Assorted LED bulbs & electrical supplies
5018 small LED pot light replacement bulbs
512 corkboards & pencil sharpener
52Warehouse 4-wheeler
53Warehouse 2-wheeler
5427- 24W LED bulbs
5548- 18W LED bulbs
5625- 9W LED bulbs
5725- 9W LED bulbs
5825- 9W LED bulbs
5925- 9W LED bulbs
6017 dust pans
613 halogen trouble lights
622 trouble lights & level
633 toolboxes c/w contents- hammers, screwdrivers, caulking, files, concrete bits, screws, fittings, etc
64Drywall screws, knee pads, paint rollers, funnel, handles, etc
65Greenbox with casters, grate, chain, hand tools & assorted misc
66Greenbox with tools, screws, flashlights (no charger), electrical plug connectors, etc
67Greenbox with irons, air nailer, sandpaper, Skil hammer drill, sharpening stones, B&D 3/8″ drill, Xacto set, hand coping saw, planer, level, saw blades & misc
68Blue bin with snips, tree pruner, air hose, pipe wrench, saw, blades, hammers, crow bar, screwdrivers, tape, paint brush, axe, chisels, socket sets, files, etc
69Jug of RV antifreeze & jug of 5W-20 motor oil
70New Huawei Echolife router
713- 24W LED bulbs
7248- 18W LED bulbs
7312- 18W LED bulbs
7415- 18W LED bulbs
7515- 18W LED bulbs
7615W LED track light
7712- 7W LED light bulbs
7812- 7W LED light bulbs
7912- 7W LED light bulbs
8012- 7W LED light bulbs
8130- 4W LED chandelier bulbs
822 LED bulbs- 10W & 24W
8343- 4W LED chandelier bulbs
8420- assorted LED bulbs
8525- dimmer 5W LED bulbs
86LED high bay light fixture
8712- LED high bay light reflectors
886 used and 5 new mop heads
89Painter’s drop sheet
905 used dust mop heads
917 used dust mop heads
9212 used mop heads
93Pipe wrenches, hammers, rechargeable drill, funnels, tool belts, extension cords, C-clamps and large selection wrenches, pliers, screwdrivers, etc
942 rolls Tuck tape and MasterLock key box
95Crow bar, 2 hand saws, magnetic tool holder, alignment bar, hammer, zip ties & 2 saws
96Green box with sewer snake, bolt cutters, Mouse palm sander, shrink wrap, crate of assorted ropes & cords, etc
97Purple box with shims, 2 clamps, pruner & bucket w/brushes & sponge
98Paint screens, Funnel & pouring spouts, red tool caddy with contents
992 ground sheets & 10 new paint rollers
100Tool drawer unit with contents- screws, tape, marrettes, wall anchors, etc
101Caulking guns, paint trays, mini rollers, brush cleaner, paint mixer, hand sanders, rollers, putty knife & paint brushes
102Kilz, tape, scrapers, sanding blocks, corner trowel, paint mixer, clamps, trowels, etc
103Blue Point air sander
104Craftsman portable air compressor
1053 rubber mats
106Coin-Op sign & 1/16″ steel plate
107Bow saw
10814- 10W LED bulbs
10925- 9W LED bulbs
11025- 9W LED bulbs
11125- 9W LED bulbs
11225- 9W LED bulbs
11325- 9W LED bulbs
11425- 9W LED bulbs
11527- 18W pot light LED bulbs
11631- small 2 pin LED bulbs
11750- 9W LED bulbs
11820- T3 LED bulbs
11925- T3 LED bulbs
12025- T3 LED bulbs
12127- 24W LED bulbs
1226 heavy duty extension cords
12359- 5W LED bulbs
124101- 5W dimmer LED bulbs
1251 Whalen warehouse rack 6ftL x 7ftH x 2ftW, 15,000lbs capacity, 4 shelves per section w/ cross members and wire mesh (2 ends, 8 arms, 16 cross members & 4 wire mesh) *contents not included*
1261 Whalen warehouse rack 6ftL x 7ftH x 2ftW, 15,000lbs capacity, 4 shelves per section w/ cross members and wire mesh (2 ends, 8 arms, 16 cross members & 4 wire mesh) *contents not included*
1271 Whalen warehouse rack 6ftL x 7ftH x 2ftW, 15,000lbs capacity, 4 shelves per section w/ cross members and wire mesh (2 ends, 8 arms, 16 cross members & 4 wire mesh) *contents not included*
1281 Whalen warehouse rack of 4 sections, 24ft long. PER SECTION: 6ftL x 7ftH x 2ftW, 15,000lbs capacity, 4 shelves per section w/ cross members and wire mesh *contents not included*
1292 warehouse dust pans
1302 warehouse dust pans
1312 warehouse dust pans
132Portable deluxe dual height Workmate
1338ft aluminum step ladder
13416ft aluminum extension ladder
1358-shelf plastic shelving unit
136Mop bucket & side press
137Mop bucket & side press
138Ridgid shop vac c/w accessories
1392 waste can carts
140Numatic Hepa vacuum c/w accessories
141Mop bucket & side press
142Mop bucket & side press
143Mop bucket & side press
144Tarp, unknown size
145Insulation & gas jug
1462 pairs of work boots, Kodiak sz 9.5 & Wind River sz 9
147Hand cleaner, Spray 9 & spray bottle
148Cleaning supply kit
1493 containers Goo Gone, 2 Zep carpet cleaners, Zep pet stain cleaner, De-Cal acid detergent, Vetro disinfectant, Zep carpet shampoo, Spray 9 & Resolve spray
150Carpet shampoo, Zep carpet shampoo, Betco peroxide cleaner, Rug Dr carpet cleaner, Zep floor degreaser, Buckeye defoamer, spray adhesive
1516 jugs Zep carpet shampoo
152Mop bucket & side press
153Mop bucket & side press
154Mop bucket & side press
155Mop bucket
156Single bed frame c/w foot board, head board, cross members & rails
157Twine & rags
158Vileda mop bucket & mop, red mop bucket w/ ear muffs & misc tools, grey mop bucket w/ dust pans
159Mop bucket & side press
160Mop bucket & side press
161Mop bucket & side press
1624 new 18″ microfiber frames & toilet plunger
163Mop bucket & side press
164Mop bucket & side press
165Mop bucket & side press
166Roll of plastic & 2 sledge hammers
167Long-handled tree pruner
1692 new 16ft long handled painters’ poles
1704 contractors brooms
1713 contractors brooms
1722 contractors brooms
1733 street brooms
1744 broom handles
1759 astd broom handles
17611 mop handles w/ quick click frame
1775 dust mop handles
1785 astd brooms
1794 astd brooms
1804 astd handles
1814 mop handles w/ quick click frame
1824 astd brooms
1834 astd brooms
1844 astd brooms
1856 astd mops & handles
1863 dust brooms
1876 astd mops
1884 astd mops
1895 astd brooms, mop & squeegee
190Aluminum rake
1912 wreaking  bars
1922 car wash brooms, 2 brooms & carpet sweeper
193Brute garbage can w/ caddy & contents
1942 garbage cans
1952 large garbage cans
196Garbage can on wheels c/w contents
197Double cart w/3 garbage cans
198Shop Vac c/w hose but no accessories
1994 garbage cans
200Rubbermaid garbage can
201Karcher Professional rechargeable automatic scrubber
202Husky Vagabond floor polisher w/ pads
203Karcher Professional CV30 upright vacuum
204Karcher Professional CV30 upright vacuum
205Karcher Professional CV30 upright vacuum
206Portable garbage dump bin
207Large selection of astd garbage bags
20820L pails
209Buckets & garbage cans
2102-step stool
211Assorted miscellaneous
212Black rolling chair

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