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services-cars-imageGary Hanna Auctions (GHA) provides auction services to consignors. A product is consigned and sold at the requested sale date, usually the next sale.

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Message from the Family

Good Day!

We have been burning the midnight oil, and we are just about ready– the sales are now available to view & to register on Proxibid, and the webpage will be ready later today with the updated catalogues & links to Proxibid. Just to refresh your memory, we have 2 on-line auctions coming up, starting this Monday, December 6th at 10am! The sales end on Sunday December 12th starting at 6pm. Ring One will be a Vehicle, RV & Industrial Equipment auction (NOT a tender sale- we do listen to what you have to say!) and Ring Two will be a Tools & Equipment auction. We have hundreds of items up for sale in the miscellaneous auction, too many to list, but the warehouse is FULL! Everything must go. The Tools & Equipment auction is unreserved EXCEPT FOR 4 lots- # 271, 272, 273 & 274. These 4 lots are subject to the sellers’ approval. ALL the units in the Vehicle auction are subject to the sellers’ approval– we will hopefully have all the accepts/rejects by Monday afternoon the day after the sale ends, December 13th.

There will be viewing all week, Monday to Friday, from 11am to 4pm and due to the amount of items up for auction, definitely grab a mask and come on down and have a look! We highly recommend potential vehicle buyers to come down and inspect the units up for sale, look them over, hear them run. Once they are accepted as sold, you own it, no exceptions.

Thanks again for being a part of our auction family. We appreciate you. We are making some big changes to our webpage in the New Year to make it user friendly on all platforms– it will load properly on mobile phones! We are also revamping our Facebook & Instagram accounts, as well as using our YouTube channel more regularly. Stay tuned for these exciting changes in the near future!



As always we welcome your feedback on the newsletter and also on our web page and social media sites. Help us improve the way we get the word out! 


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