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Unreserved Online Auction Selling Complete Dispersal for Jack Johnson- aviation, ultralights, classic cars, and shop & acreage tools and equipment

The Jack Johnson sale dates are Friday, September 29th until Monday, October 9th, 2023

Click HERE for a direct link to the online sale!

Viewing: Lots are located at #15, 54231 Range Road 250 (Skyglen Estates), Sturgeon County, AB.  Viewing is from Wednesday to Friday October 4th to 6th, 2023 from 11:00am to 3:00pm.

Load out will be Tuesday to Friday, October 10 to 13, 2023 from 10:00am to 4:00pm

Miscellaneous Catalogue - Aviation Sale

Lot NumberDescription
1antique fire extinguisher
2drawer of drill bits
3drawer of staplers & riveter
4drawer of sanders & sand paper, etc
5drawer of clamps
6drawer of wire wheels & brushes
7drawer of hammers & saws
8drawer of wood planers
9Wantool 4″ bench grinder, wire wheel
10antique metal Snap-On case with various brands of socket sets
11blue metal steamer trunk
12large red metal 9-drawer 2-part tool chest Beach Industries Ltd c/w contents
13Elephant 355.6mm wood cutting bandsaw model WA-14
14Brico model SL-M5S drill press with 16m/m capacity
15yellow metal industrial quartz shop light with adjustable stand
16Rockwell sander/grinder model 31-910
17Atlas metal lathe
18B&D work wheel w/sanding discs & wire brushes in case
191 lot of skill saws, sanders, blower, grinder, battery operated power drills in large black box
20TMT 8 1/4″ compound mitre saw on stand model TT26002
21Makita 400mm planer model 2040 with 14″ planing width
22Atlas table saw model 3020 on stand
23large Airways compressor model 2AK
24vintage wooden propeller for Sopwith triplane, unfinished, 42 3/4″
25vintage wooden propeller (99-56) 52 1/4″
26vintage wooden Culver Props propeller 60″
27vintage wooden Sensenich propeller, red tips, marked AF 1349, 53 1/2″
282 bags vintage airplane fabric/sail cloth
292 rolls of sail cloth
30vintage red & yellow Road Runner whirlybird
31vintage WWII red & black aviation night vision goggles
321 box of vintage earphones & microphones
33covering supplies- tape, rings, inspection covers
34compass A/S tab, etc
35gear and belt
36covering supplies- awl, tape, thread, pins, needles, etc
37sander, polisher, rouge buffer
38box of Clecos
39Comco transceiver 123.4
40Dremel w/ bits, 4V driver, T charger
41Ford Model T parts- temperature gauge, plugs, king pins, water pump kit, etc
42gasket, material, leather
43US & British aircraft switches & gauges
44aircraft instrument clusters- tack, compass, A/S, etc
45velcro, zippers, rip cord, etc
46fabric tester, grease nipples, taper pins, compass fluid
47aircraft cable pulleys, etc
48vane type airspeed springs
49lead melter & lead
50large roll of sail cloth on metal roll
51BSA Bantam- Cock O’ the Lightweights sign
521 pair of wooden Jack Rabbit snow skiis & metal ski for tail section
53Yardworks lawn tractor model 200 shift & go *see video of it working at online sale platform
54Toro snowblower 524
55engine stand
561 pair of car ramps
572 sets of aluminum quad ramps
58vintage brass fire extinguisher
591 lot of 31 vintage aircraft-related cans- oil, finish, etc
601 lot of 6 solid steel rods 48 1/2″
61vintage wooden Jack Rabbit propeller 62″
62vintage Western Propeller Company Ltd metal propeller 74″
63vintage Quality Canadian Product wooden propeller 60″
64vintage wooden propeller 52″
651 lot of aircraft quality galvanized steel & aluminum pipes
661951 US Army jerry can
67Flag fire extinguisher
682 vintage aircraft wing templates
69vintage aircraft dash template
70antique Fairbanks scale c/w 19 weights
711960 US Military metal can & 1956 US Military reuseable drum
724 crates of misc wires & electrical parts
732 Bendix Scintulla magnetos for Ford Model T, type SF4LN-8, original spec 10-19350-3
741920s Original gas pump globe holder w/snap ring & reproduction glass gas pump globes: North Star, Red-Head, Nevr-Nox, Imperial Gasoline & Shell Gasoline
75router table and jig
764 cylinder cam shaft
77Buick grill
78Buick grill 1949-1953
79early 1920s Chevrolet grill & radiator
801920s car jack
81Ford Model T stick shift & carburetor
82Ford Model T wooden spoke wheel rim
83antique STC oil can
84antique Ford Model T window blind
85antique oil filter wrench & hub cap remover wrench
86Sears portable sandblaster
87propane shop heater w/tank
8817 aviation tires & 2 aviation tire tubes
894 new car tires- 2 Continental 175/55R15 and 2 ContiWinter Contact TS800 115/60R15
90antique electric Singer sewing machine w/plastic carrying case (not original to machine)
91Box of crimping tool set & misc wires
923 vintage scales- metric & imperial
938 vintage crates- 7 Canada Dry & 1 Adanac Dry
943 vintage aircraft signs- metal Ford Tri-Motor, metal Socony Aircraft Oils, and plastic RAA 
95vintage aircraft parts patterns
961 pair of fiberglass molds
971 pair of metal control rods, 1- 108″ stabilizer strut & 1- 109″ stabilizer strut
98vintage quilt fabric engine cover, approximately 72″ x 70″
994 antique oil drum lids
100vintage wooden propeller center hub
101antique tube radio w/box of brand new tubes
102vinyl aircraft seat
103Ford Model T carburetor w/vintage VW fuel pump & solenoid switch
104aircraft Zenith carburetor
105aircraft Bing carburetor
106aircraft Stromberg carburetor
107crate of misc OX-5 parts- including exhaust lifter, intake, exhaust rockers, cylinder hold down, etc
108box of misc OX-5 parts, including gasket kit, spokes, brackets, etc
109OX-5 intake & manifold gaskets
110aircraft muffler
111extension cord on reel
112trailer hitch
1132 aircraft gas tanks
114aluminum aircraft seat
1151 roll of maple wood veneer and 1 roll of tar paper
116vintage General fire extinguisher
1173 vintage jack stands
118vintage oil cans- Esso, Mobil, etc
1192 bins of 1926 Chevrolet parts
120box of Ford Model T parts, including headlights
121box of aircraft engine parts
122vintage light aircraft engine block
1231 spool of aircraft braided/twisted cable
124box of replacement Carter carburetor service parts- Chevrolet 1927 – 1934
125ice cream pail of wooden stir sticks
126Techlock Corp range dial indicator w/magnetic base
127Motomaster battery charger
1281 bundle of nylon strapping
1291 pair of antique Ford Model T headlights
130JVC stereo boombox
131box of vintage automotive engine valves
132antique leather aircraft cap & flying goggles
1331930s aircraft Sperry Gyroscope Venturi Tube # 640600
1342 containers of vintage spark plugs
1351 tin of 9 OX-5 spark plugs & parts
136vintage electric Solid State world time radio
137NOS OX-5 spark plugs, including 10 Rajah “Pasha” type for airplane motors, 2 J-26, and 10 Flint spark plugs c/w 1905 advertising from Rajah
138vintage General Textile Mills Inc army cloth flyers cap, marked 55.H.4. 16 7/8
139late 1918-1927 rear wheel seal kit for Ford Model T
140HJC helmet (marked CL-2) & vintage black leather gloves
141garden hoses, electric wire & Bionaire heater
142US Army issued flight suit, marked 1955, size large/tall
143MLP crate of misc Ford Model T parts- machine transmission output shaft, brackets, cylinders, etc
144OX-5 rear plates, oil pumps, oil lines, breathers, gasket set, etc
145OX-5 water pumps, gaskets, etc
146OX-5 mag parts, mag bases, etc
147misc aircraft fuel parts- hoses, pumps, etc
1481950s AC spark plug cleaner
1491917 model 75 aircraft engine parts
1502 antique aircraft mooring kits
151cart of antique aircraft wheel hubs
152OX-5 antique manifold, carb V tack drive
15313 OX-5 cylinders
154OX-5 pistons & rods, connecting rods, rod bearings, rings, misc, etc
1555 OX-5 rocker guides, 14 pistons, cam flwrs, cam brgs, cam gears, lifters, rockers, springs, etc 
1562 OX-5 mags & assorted parts
157box of misc OX-5 parts
158Gottlieb’s El Dorado pinball machine- good working order & complete
159Ridge Runner Mountain Tour Venture 10 speed bicycle
160antique metal shear- marked “The Brown Rogers Co Ltd Hamilton ONT, blade 32”
161Continental A-series aircraft engine
162handcrafted replica “Red Baron” model plane, 4ft wide x 40″ long x 20″ tall
163electric fuel pump
164misc tools on top shelf
165misc vintage engines & parts on bottom shelf and floor
1664-wheel work bench
1673 camping chairs
1681 pallet of scrap iron
169airplane weather vane
1704-cylinder engine for gyrocopter
171box of vintage aviation parts
1721926 Chevrolet Superior V- good working order *see video of it working at online sale platform
1731927 Ford Model T- good working order *see video of it working at online sale platform
174Baja Wilderness Trail 400 quad 4×4 automatic CVT *see video of it working at online sale platform
1751995 Chinook C-1E0Z Johnson Jack Rabbit ultralight aircraft *see video of it working at online sale platform
1761990 Ritz Standard “A” C-1CPX ultralight aircraft *see video of it working at online sale platform
177fuselage and both hydraulic aircraft wings (lot 177 & 178)- 21′ 5″ L x 36″ D x 1′ H
178sold with lot 177- hydraulic aircraft wings- 21′ 5″ L x 36″ D x 1′ H
179ultralight fuselage
180ultralight fuselage
181ultralight fuselage
182WWII Case army tractor engine & rad
183Model T 4-cylinder engine
184Ford Model T frame & parts
1852 lawn tractors *not working parts only
186pallet of 4 gas tanks & mold
187pallet of antique barrel fuel pump & lawn edging
1882 sump pumps
189wing and fuselage slings
190Lambert Libra lawn grass catcher
191vintage Case sickle mower
192crate of vintage aircraft photos
1936 shelves of aircraft books, manuals, logs, magazines, etc
1941975 Telex E-6B dead reckoning flight computer, model FDF-57
195Oak aircraft hardwood- 2 × 4.5 inch planned hardwood, one at 19 feet, one at 18 feet, and one 2.5 x 3 ” at 18 feet