The Kuby Shack

Lunch Menu

Add cheese to any item for $.50

Add Fresh Fried Onions to any meal at no charge


Kuby Burger – $6.50

BBQ Mundare Kuby Burger on a fresh bun & drink


Kubasa on a Bun – $7.00

5 ” x 1” Mundare Kubasa BBQ’d on a fresh hotdog bun & drink


The Hot Dog – $5.00

Harvest All Beef BBQ’d hot dog on a fresh bun & drink


“The Smokie ” – $6.00

BBQ’d cheese smokie on a fresh bun & drink


ALL Beef Hamburger – $6.00

BBQ’d Hamburger on a fresh bun & drink



Bottle of water, can of pop, coffee, tea, hot chocolate – $ 2.00 ea.

Chocolate Bar – $ 1.50

Donut – $ 1.50



~If you would like the Kuby Shack to be at your event call 780-499-5784~

**Pricing is for Gary Hanna Auctions only. The menu prices do not apply for any other Kuby Shack event**

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