First-Time Auction Goers

Gary’s Recommendations:

  1. I know how much fun an auction can be, but you can get caught up in the frenzy. So sit back and watch for your first sale.
  2. Familiarise yourself with buyers’ fees. All auctions are different.  A buyer’s fee is a charge over and above the selling price.
  3. Only listen to the numbers, not the filler words. This way you can understand where the auctioneer is and how much more he/she needs to increase the bid.
  4. How to bid: always make sure the ring man or the auctioneer can see you. If you are standing behind someone or out of view of the auctioneer we will miss your bid.  To bid, raise your hand with or without the bid card.  If you think we missed your bid, make yourself seen and heard.  We will take a bid if you are making eye-contact with us.
  5. Know the hard stuff: When you bid at an auction and the auctioneer says SOLD, you have a legal and binding agreement that title transfers to you and you have to pay for the item.
  6. All auctions have what we call viewing. It is a must that you attend the viewing so you can tell the condition of whatever you are buying.
  7. Removal: all auctions have a deadline as to when purchases must be removed. Some auctions charge storage on items left behind, so make sure you pick up your items in a timely manner.  Always remember—you own it so if it goes missing it is your problem.  Pick it up!

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